Whilst there is always a focus in education on exam results, league tables and performance measures, we have to remember how important a role a school can, and should, play in enriching the lives of the young people it serves, by ensuring that future generations are provided with unusual, exciting and inspiring opportunities, both within and beyond the school day. This term we have news of students representing the school at Westminster Abbey, Cambridge University and even CERN in Switzerland… with our Planetarium being a key feature again this term, maybe one day we will be bringing you news about Mark Rutherford students landing on the moon! We want our students to believe that the sky’s the limit, so who knows?!

As Mark Rutherford prepares for success in the Summer exams, we have seen a real commitment on the part of students and staff in ensuring that time is used wisely in the run up to GCSEs and A Levels. An interesting development has been the Maths Saturday School, with significant numbers of Year 11 students attending Saturday mornings or afternoons to gain some high quality revision on top of the quality lessons provided during the week. This is an area I will watch with interest to see if this grows and develops in the future. We have had an Easter revision school for our exam groups in the first 3-4 days of the holiday, to support our young people to do their best and to develop study skills, and of course subject teachers provide opportunities to attend various
interventions and exam preparation sessions before and after school, right up to the final exam.

Some of the activities we have run recently are for developing and supporting the new primary schools. These links will inspire primary pupils to be enthused and grow in confidence when starting secondary school, as well as giving our young people a chance to share their experience with younger students and develop their leadership skills in a variety of disciplines.

The school admissions process is now in full swing and for September 2019 we have received over 260 ‘first choice’ applications to Mark Rutherford School. Initially we only had 200 places on offer; however after careful consideration and a full review of our capacity, we have been able to offer 260 places for Year 7 in 2019-20. The number of applications is testament to the hard work of our staff and students, and I am sure that the new Year 7 students will be part of the future success of our school.

Finally I hope that all the staff, students and their families had a relaxing Easter break and are now ready for an exciting Summer term.

Mr R Millard, Headteacher

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