I was reading our latest newsletter (Winter 2018) and it really shows the outstanding achievements of all our young people in the school, from Art and Drama to Computer Science and space flight. We commend our students in their dedication to getting the best out of their time at school and this is testament too, to the hard work of parents, who are clearly bringing their children up with high aspirations, a clear set of standards and a safe environment in which they can thrive. The range of extra-curricular activities and events put on to support students in achieving well at both GCSE and A Level, and it is superb to see so many of our younger students also throwing themselves into activities with such enthusiasm. We will certainly make sure that they maintain this involvement as they progress through the school.
A team ethos is something we value highly at Mark Rutherford School and the positive contributions of teachers, students, parents and representatives of the local community mean that our students have a sense of belonging that will engender resilience, and support them through the inevitable ups and downs of life.Our Summer examination results were pleasing for both for Year 11 and Year 13 students. Our Year 13 results placed our Sixth Form in the top 25% of schools nationally – a fantastic achievement and one we can only build on as our current Sixth Form students prepare for their Year 13 exams.
Year 11 students have been sitting their Pre Public Exams (PPEs) and their commitment, attitude and approach was exemplary. By the time you read this, Year 11 students will have had their first set of PPE results for the year and they will have very clear targets to work on to make progress. Students will take further PPEs in January, and again receive feedback and targets to ensure that they meet or exceed their target grades in the Summer exams.
One amazing project I have to mention before I end is the balloon launch into the stratosphere. Of you get the chance I would recommend that you watch the video on http://www.markrutherford.beds.sch.uk . The work that has gone into this project, driven by STEM students, is truly inspirational and we clearly have some future meteorologists, astronauts and space engineers in our midst. I predict a very sunny future ahead of them!
Finally I would like to wish all students, staff and parents a happy and restful Christmas and see you back refreshed in January when once again, we will be starting a new year with enthusiasm, commitment and a desire to take our school from strength to strength.
Mr R Millard, Headteacher