What a busy and successful term it has been!  There have been plenty of exciting opportunities taken up so far, and much of our news covers forthcoming events so there is still plenty to look forward to between now and the summer of 2018.

Our broad and balanced curriculum offers students a range of choices, with a Faculty approach giving Year 7 students a foundation in all subjects, a number of departments starting GCSE work in Year 9 in order to support our students to be successful, and a great range of options with specialist teachers at both GCSE and A Level.  With the developments in STEAM subjects that you will read about in this newsletter, we are confident that Mark Rutherford is a school which is able to equip young people with the skills and strengths they will need in the wider world.

Some exciting new projects will support our growth as a school; with numbers rising in Years 7, 8 and 12 in particular, we have plans to build an extension to provide more classroom space, we look forward to laying our new astro turf on the pitches and there will be a brand new Chemistry lab to cater for demand in the Sciences.

Our Year 11 students have completed their first round of Pre Public Exams (PPE) with results looking very promising this year.   While we expect that the students will improve on last year’s already impressive results, we have to remember that there is still a lot of hard work to go!  There will be lots of support on offer to prepare students for the next PPEs and for the real exams – especially during period 6 (our 3 to 4pm slot), and students should look out for information about pre exam preparation sessions, which take place on the morning of the exams for some last minute advice.  These sessions were run prior to the English PPEs and we were really impressed to see so many Year 11 students in the drama hall at 8am!  Please make sure your son or daughter attends any intervention sessions they are invited to, in order to give them every chance of gaining their target grades.

Attendance is the key for all students and there is a clear and direct correlation between students who have over 95% attendance and their outcomes in school.  All students need to be in school putting in 100% in all of their lessons.  This can only increase their chances of getting the best qualifications and the best jobs.

I would like to thank all parents for their continued support and wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year.