As you would expect last term was a very busy term with many varied and exciting extracurricular opportunities. Thank you to all students and staff for all their hard work and also thank you for the incredible support we get from parents.

Our Year 11 Students have been focused on their Pre Public Exams (PPE), especially in Maths and English, to ensure they are very well prepared for the new GCSE courses. They are the first cohort to go through nationally and staff are working hard to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed. An advantage of having been a secondary school for over seven years is that as each cohort goes through, they benefit from the teachers’ experience and delivery of these courses. Our present Year 7 students, when
they come to take the new GCSEs, will have experienced staff who have taught the new specification for 4 years.

There are a wide variety of opportunities for young people that enhance the curriculum. However, these are coming under threat from the continued cuts in national funding for education; this is a real threat to all schools as budgets shrink year on year. This means that many schools have cut or will be looking to cut many of these opportunities. The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) are campaigning vigorously to the Government about this and the recruitment crisis in teaching. As a school we have been very fortunate to recruit well and have a robust financial team but each year it is
becoming harder and harder as budgets shrink and good quality teachers become rarer.

We are now close to finishing the £1.5 million refurbishment of the roof and windows around the school to ensure we all stay warm and dry! This is a significant investment from the Government but unfortunately this is one of the few areas that money is available for.

With exams approaching it is still important for students to have a balance of preparation and revision but also relaxation and continuing to take part in activities that they enjoy.

Mr Richard Millard,